Robotech Remix: Inside the Robotech Reboot With Brenden Fletcher


This is a tough one. My favorites have changed through the years, as I’ve grown. I definitely wouldn’t have said it years ago, but the characters I’m loving most today are the Sterlings – Max, Miriya, and even Dana Sterling! There’s always been an underlying complexity to them that I’m getting a chance to bring to the surface in Robotech Remix.

What’s your favorite aspect of Robotech Remix?

I’m really enjoying bringing new blood to the Robotech universe! This will be one of the most diverse casts with the coolest new mecha the series has seen in a while, designed by the incredible Elmer Damaso! Elmer is a godsend. His designs are absolutely stunning, his storytelling is spot-on, his knowledge of Robotech characters and lore is comprehensive, and oh my crap can this guy draw mecha! I’ll never forget the email I got last week with scans of napkin sketches he’d done at the breakfast table, when inspiration for a transformation sequence struck. The designs came with profuse apologies for their rushed and sketchy nature – and holy cow, even downing his pancakes and eggs, this guy brings his A-game! Elmer might be one of the most talented, hard-working, and humble artists in the biz, and I can’t wait to show his work off!

Where’s this series headed? 

This is the Dana Sterling story we’ve all been waiting years to read. Dana traveled back in time to save the universe, and in doing so stopped her parents from falling in love, getting married, and giving birth to her. It’s an examination of where she belongs in the Robotech universe, if she belongs there at all. It’s kinda like Back to the Future with transforming robots, alien invasions and pop idols!

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