Jesus Shows You The Way To The Highway: Exclusive clip

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Arrow Video Channel has the exclusive premiere of Jesus Shows You The Way To The Highway, a genre-busting, synapse-shredding, cult masterwork fro Miguel Llanso and we have an exclusive clip to show you!

This crazy mashup of Afro-futurism, Cold War paranoia, the dystopian world of Philip K. Dick, and Sixties exploitation cinema, sees two CIA agents enter a virtual reality world to wipe out a virus, encountering killer flies, an Irish-accented Joseph Stalin and Jesus Christ himself.

With Daniel Tadesse in the leading role, stop-motion stunt work, Mexican wrestlers and martial arts, coke-snorting superhero Batfro, exotic locations, not to mention disguises involving paper masks of top Hollywood actors from the Seventies, Jesus Shows You the Way to the Highway is bursting with imagination, bristling with inventiveness, and might be the maddest thing ever committed to film.

You can see it first on Arrow Video Channel available on Apple TV and Amazon.

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