Best Palworld Pals: Most Powerful Pals For Every Type


Palworld is more of a straightforward survival game than it’s sometimes made out to be, but the game does make ample use of its Pokémon-like Pals. In fact, those non-union Pokémon equivalents prove to be surprisingly useful for multiple purposes throughout the game. That’s also what makes ranking those Pals so difficult.

Pals in Palworld are workers, weapons, rides, elaborate utility abilities, and, quite possibly, friends. While it’s pretty much impossible to rank them on the basis of that last category, here are some of the categories I ultimately used to determine these rankings:

– Generally speaking, Pals that excel in various categories (including combat, Work Suitability abilities, mount capabilities, and Partner Skills) are ranked higher than others. However, there are some cases where a Pal excels so much in a particular category that they ultimately deserve a higher overall rank.

– Because certain Pals are inherently more valuable in specific scenarios based on their type advantages/disadvantages, these rankings are separated by the nine major Pal types in the game. Generally speaking, it’s best to value Pal advantages above everything else (when appropriate) and then consider the rankings within the Pal type that gives you that advantage.

– Finally, a Pal’s power level throughout the game was also taken into consideration. So while some late-game Pals are obviously more powerful than their early counterparts, these rankings include some Pals that are generally valuable throughout a larger portion of the game.

With that out of the way, let’s dive into the rankings:

Palworld: Best Fire Pals

1. Jormuntide Ignis

2. Blazamut

3. Suzaku

4. Kitsun

5. Bushi

Jormuntide Ignis might be the most powerful Pal in Palworld for combat. It offers an absurd combination of stats, raw attack power, and incredible dual-type Fire/Dragon abilities. Jormuntide Ignis is also a fantastic mount that offers Level 4 Kindling abilities, but the real reason to work towards acquiring this Pal is to take advantage of its absurd damage output. 

Blazamut is no slouch in the combat department, but they’re ultimately a utility pick. With Level 4 Mining and Level 3 Kindling, Blazamut offers some best-in-class (or near best-in-class) abilities in some work areas that can otherwise be difficult to fill. They’re worth going out of your way for. 

Suzaku doesn’t excel in any particular category, but it’s a fantastic flying mount option that offers enhanced Fire attacks while you’re riding it. It also benefits from a fantastic blend of generally useful skills that can be hard to replace by the time you’re able to catch it. 

Aside from looking really, really cool, Kitsun is a solid combat option that grants you immunity to both the Cold and Heat while you’re riding it. Though replaceable in the long-term, it’s a unique option for a Pal type that isn’t always easy to come by. 

Bushi arguably deserves to make this list for their samurai style alone, but this Pal’s versatility puts it over the top. It offers a diverse array of Work Suitability skills for a Fire-type Pal, and its handy offensive Partner Skill and other respectable attacks make it a viable combat partner. 

Palworld: Best Ice Pals

1. Frostallion

2. Cryolinx

3. Sweepa

4. Sibelyx

5. Penking

Like most of the other Legendary Pals, Frostallion is hard to replace once you’ve captured it. It’s an absurdly powerful flying mount that offers some of the absolute best Ice attacks in the game. If you need an Ice-type Pal for combat, it’s your best overall option by a considerable distance.

Cryolinx offers a decent spread of Work Suitability abilities as well as a Partner Skill that causes Dragon-types to drop more resources when defeated. It might not sound like much, but it adds up in the long run given how valuable Dragon-type resources can be. 

Sweepa is interesting. Though not incredibly powerful on its own, its stats are automatically increased for every Swee that is on your team. If you fill your roster with Swee, Sweepa becomes a broken early combat option when you need an Ice-type Pal.

Sibelyx’s ability to produce High Quality Cloth makes them worthy of consideration, but it’s this Pal’s Blizzard Spike Parter skill and general usefulness at your base that makes them easy to prioritize over other options for much of the game. 

Penking may be the quiet MVP of this class. You can get one early, they offer an unbeatable spread of Work Suitability abilities, and they’ll probably be your go-to Ice option for many early-to-mid-game combat scenarios. They’re just a fantastic overall Pal. 

Palworld: Best Electric Pals

1. Orserk

2. Grizzbolt

3. Beakon

4. Jolthog

5. Rayhound

Though difficult to capture, Orserk is an incredibly powerful combat Pal that also offers Level 4 Electricity Generation and a useful Partner ability that increases item drop rates when fighting Water-type Pals. They’re not the runaway best-in-class option for this category, but they’re a high-priority acquisition.

Grizzbolt is the other clear “best in class” candidate for this category. They offer a wider array of Work Suitability abilities and some devastating Electrical attacks that include the ability to fire a minigun while mounted. As Palworld‘s “totally not Pikachu,” they’re also the game’s mascot.

Beakon is a lightning-fast (pun intended) flying mount that will likely serve as your best overall flying mount option for much of the game. Their Work Suitability abilities and combat skills are certainly more than respectable as well. 

Though Jolthog is on the weaker side of things in most categories, they earn a spot in most early rosters thanks to their ability to essentially be used as grenades. Throwing a Jolthog is just one of the best ways to start most early fights. 

Rayhound is an incredibly powerful Electric Pal who earns a spot on this list by virtue of their ability to double jump while mounted. That valuable navigation skill and Rayhound’s higher-than-average mount speed make them an obvious companion choice early on. 

Palworld: Best Grass Pals

1. Warsect

2. Mossanda

3. Elizabee

4. Petallia

5. Lyleen

Warsect is ridiculously powerful. Not only does it offer some powerful Ground and Grass-type attacks relative to its level, but its Partner Skill boosts your defenses and Fire damage output (for…some reason). There are very few Pals in the game that do quite as much as this one. 

Mossanda’s generous Work Suitability ability spread makes it an obvious base pal option, but their ability to fire a grenade launcher while mounted and generous early attacks ensure that they remain a viable Grass-type in many scenarios where they have a type advantage.

Elizabee is one of those Pals whose stats are increased for each of a certain other type of Pal you have on your team (in this case, Beegardes). That’s always a useful skill, but Elizabee’s incredible Work Suitability abilities ensure that they’ll have a place at your base long after the fights are done. 

Petallia’s ability to restore your health during combat makes it instantly valuable and a surprisingly strong option in the long run. It’s decent in combat and pretty great at the base, but that powerful healing ability keeps Petallia relevant in situations where you would otherwise be able to replace them. 

Lyleen brings Level 4 Planting to your base (along with some other impressive Work Suitability abilities) and a rare combination of Water and Grass abilities to combat. They also have the ability to restore the player’s HP during fights, which just adds to their versatility. 

Palworld: Best Ground Pals

1. Anubis

2. Digtoise

3. Menasting

4. Surfent Terra

5. Dumud

Anubis is one of the most powerful combat Pals in Palworld. Their Ground attacks are second to none, and they can even dodge many incoming attacks. They also boast some surprisingly useful Work Suitability abilities (including Level 4 Handiwork), but they’re clearly designed with combat in mind. 

Digtoise makes up for its “meh” overall stats with its Partner Skill that allows it to quickly mine Ore. You’ll be amazed how much time that skill saves you, and it’s good enough to keep Digtoise in the roster conversation for a surprisingly long time. 

Menasting is another powerful combat companion whose generous spread of Earth and Dark abilities make it uniquely powerful in specific situations. If you find yourself battling Electric Pals, Menasting is who you want by your side. 

Surfent Terra is a fascinating hybrid Pal that can actually move through the ground as if swimming through water. It’s one of only a couple of Ground-type mountable pals in the game, which means it is especially valuable in late-game fights against powerful Electric enemies. 

Finally, the easily overlooked Dumud earns a spot on this list by virtue of its ability to enhance to power of your other Ground-type pals. It’s a nice little power boost that shines during those times when you need to focus on a Ground-based squad. 

Palworld: Best Water Pals

1. Jormuntide

2. Azurobe

3. Surfent

4. Gobfin

5. Suzaku Aqua

Jormuntide is one of the best overall Pals in Palworld in just about every respect. It boasts Level 4 Watering, some devastatingly powerful attacks, a deadly Dragon/Water combo, water riding capabilities, and is a key part of many powerful breeding combinations. They’re absurdly valuable.

Though not quite as valuable as Jormuntide, Azurobe also doubles as a mount, benefits from Dragon-type abilities, and comes with a strong Watering skill. It’s a lesser Jormuntide, but its ability to add Water damage to your attacks is certainly welcome. 

Surfent is a similarly lesser Jormuntide option, but it will likely be your go-to Water-type mount for the earlier parts of the game. It might not sound like much, but you will be using Surfent for quite a long time. 

Gobfin is undoubtedly one of the most powerful early game Water-type Pals in Palworld. They boast a generous Work Suitability distribution, decent attacks, and an incredible Partner Skill that allows them to do direct damage with an Aqua Gun while boosting your attack power so long as they are on your team. 

Suzaku Aqua is difficult to acquire but offers invaluable Water-type flying mount abilities as well as some strong high-end combat skills. You may only need it in specific situations, but you’ll be glad you have it. 

Palworld: Best Dragon Pals

1. Jetragon

2. Quivern

3. Astegon

4. Elphidran

5. Relaxaurus

Jetragon is widely considered to be the best overall Pal in Palworld. Its stats are insane, it boasts Fire, Dragon, and Dark-type attacks, and it’s pretty much impossible to ignore a flying mount with a built-in missile launcher. It brings nothing notable to the party in terms of Work Suitability, but who cares?

While Quivern doesn’t offer a direct flying attack, it is a valuable flying mount that enhances your Dragon attacks while you’re riding it. It also offers a generous spread of Dragon, Fire, Grass, and Water attacks and is even a respectable base Pal relative to its overall power level. 

Astegon’s Level 4 Mining ability is good enough to put it in the top-tier of Palworld Pals, but don’t overlook its combat skills. Astegon’s Dragon/Dark types allow it to access some of the more powerful attacks in the game, and it offers a global buff to your Ore mining while mounted. 

There’s certainly a chance that Elphidran will be one of your better flying mount options by the time you find it, but even if that isn’t the case, you can justify rolling out with it simply to take advantage of its increased efficiency against dangerous Fire-type Pals. 

Finally, Relaxaurus serves as a relatively early Dragon/Water-type option that also happens to offer one of the better built-in mount attacks in the game. They’re the mount you need when you reach the point in the game when you probably need a mount upgrade. 

Palworld: Best Dark Pals

1. Necromus

2. Shadowbeak

3. Felbat

4. Cawgnito

5. Pyrin Noct

You won’t acquire Necromus until the end of your Palworld adventure, but I’d argue that they’re worth the wait. They are by far the most powerful Dark-type Pal in the game in terms of combat, and one of the most powerful combat Pals in Palworld regardless of type. Their Dark Laser attack alone will melt through most enemies in the game even if they have a Dark resistance. They’re also one of the few mounts in the game that can double jump. 

If you’re looking for a powerful Dark-type flying mount, then Shadowbeak is your best option. Though they don’t have much to offer outside of flying mounted combat, they can deal a ton of Dark damage in those valuable scenarios. 

Felbat doesn’t bring much to the party aside from its Life Steal Partner Skill, but that’s all it needs. It turns out that being able to convert damage to health restoration is incredibly valuable in Palworld, especially in the later parts of the game when your damage output becomes just shy of absurd. 

Not only can Cawgnito be acquired relatively early into Palworld, but its ability to attack targeted enemies with the Phantom Peck ability is shockingly useful for most of the game. You may be surprised by how long you rely on Cawgnito when you need a Dark-type Pal in combat. 

Pyrin Noct is a fantastic mid-game Dark-type mount that also brings some nice Fire attacks to the party. That combination of types also allows Pyrin Noct to deal a ton of raw damage in fights against Pals that it has no direct advantage or disadvantage against. 

Palworld: Best Neutral Pals

1. Paladius

2. Nitewing

3. Lunaris

4. Gorirat

5. Fenglope

Another endgame Legendary Pal, Paladius not only boasts the incredibly powerful Spear Thrust ability but can actually Triple Jump while mounted. Neutral types in Palworld may not offer many strict advantages, but Paladius is good enough to justify using in just about any scenario. 

Nitewing will likely be the first flying mount you acquire in Palworld, which is reason enough to consider them one of the best Neutral Pals in the game. They’re also relatively respectable in combat relative to when you acquire them. 

Lunaris’ Level 3 Handiwork ability is pretty nice, but its Partner Skill that increases your overall carrying capacity makes it valuable for the entire game. Incredibly, that ability stacks with every Lunaris that is in your party, which makes it surprisingly easy to justify rolling out with nothing but Lunaris’ while you’re gathering resources. 

Like many other Neutral Pals, Gorirat earns its keep by virtue of its Partner Skill. When activated, that skill allows Gorirat to enter a furious rage that greatly increases its base attack power. If you’re willing to invest in that attack power via breeding and upgrades, you can use Gorirat to unleash some impressive raw damage. 

Finally, Fenglope doesn’t bring a lot to the party in terms of…most things, but as a fast mount that can double jump and be acquired relatively early in the game, you will want to have one on your roster sooner rather than later. 

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