Build Your Own PC: ViewSonic XG350R-C and XG240R Monitors


The XG240R features a shocking 144Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time that immediately sets it apart from the competition. For gamers who simply want a monitor that will not only offer them enhanced visual clarity but a level of performance that ensures they never have to question whether they were killed by another player or if it was lag, those are the kinds of metrics that you’re looking for.

It’s true that the XG240R may not feature the XG350R-C’s curved design, resolution, or size, but it’s important to understand that the nature of the modern monitor market means those differences are not necessarily a strict downgrade.

Indeed, 1920 x 1080 monitors like this not only often offer better refresh rates, response times, and pixel density, but they demand fewer resources from your GPU. That means that the XG240R monitor uses fewer resources in order to offer the kind of silky smooth gameplay and immediate visual clarity you expect from your gaming rig.

A large, clear, and fast monitor like the XG350R-C will always be a thing of beauty, but monitors like the XG240R prove that we no longer live in the age of big-screen TVs where size alone is king. Monitors today are all about fidelity, clarity, response time, and features. The XG240R emphasizes all of those qualities like no other monitor in its class. You can even align it vertically for work or play.

Monitors like the ViewSonic XG350R-C and XG240R are more than the cherry on top of your new build. The visuals they offer are the reason you decided to build a new PC in the first place. We highly recommend checking them out on the ViewSonic store page in order to immediately upgrade your PC experience.

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