Destroy All Humans! Remake: Release Date, Trailer, Gameplay, and News


THQ Nordic promised to share some surprises ahead of E3 2019, and they certainly made good on that promise with the reveal of the long-awaited Destroy All Humans! remake. 

Like many of the recent THQ Nordic announcements, understanding the appeal of this particular project requires a bit of history. First released in 2005, Destroy All Humans! allowed players to control an alien invader in an open-world environment heavily inspired by 50s sci-fi Americana. The game’s sense of humor and style certainly did quite a bit of heavy lifting, but the game itself was actually quite good. 

You have developer Pandemic Studios to thank for that. Pandemic Studios was once known as the best source for action-heavy open-world experiences that really felt like they were offering you a true playground to roam around in. Destroy All Humans! is one of the best examples of that, and it still manages to stand pretty tall amongst a legion of copy-and-paste open-world experiences. 

While the now-shuttered Pandemic clearly won’t be developing this remake (that honor goes to Black Forest Games), it’s looking like this remake won’t stray far from the original game’s blueprint. The fact that this is labeled as a remake seems to based more on the upgraded visuals and technology than any major tweaks to the gameplay. There’s also a reference to a “much-rumored, never before seen, “Lost Mission of Area 42” that will be in the remake, but there’s been no other word on any substantial changes in the game. 

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