Godfall: Release Date, Gameplay, Trailer, and News


The Game Awards 2019 certainly had a few surprises up its sleeve in terms of game reveals. Not only was the Xbox Series X unveiled in an unexpected trailer but we also got a look at the first confirmed PlayStation 5 game. That title was Godfall, “a fantasy action RPG that utilizes high-impact third-person melee combat to engage players as they hunt for loot, don legendary armor sets, and defeat vicious enemies,” according to Gearbox Publishing.

We’ve seen learned that the game is also coming to PC and will run on the brand-new Unreal Engine 5, making Godfall one of the industry’s first major steps into the next-generation of gaming.

“We’re thrilled at Gearbox to have been chosen by Counterplay Games to bring their creative vision of Godfall to gamers on the PlayStation 5 and PC,” said Steve Gibson, President of Gearbox Publishing, in a press release. “As we continue our mission to entertain the world, Godfall is a perfect fit with Gearbox Publishing. Playing with your friends and gearing up are some of the things we love most.”

As the initial announcement suggests, Godfall will really emphasize looting. “As players face challenging missions in the world of Godfall, enemies and bosses will reward fans with head-turning loot as they are vanquished. Godfall can be played entirely in solo, duo, or three-player coop, providing fun for all.”

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It actually all sounds pretty close to the Diablo school of game design — except for the third-person camera and “bright fantasy” tone — but Counterplay is hinting that there’s more to this title than meets the eye. 

“We’re innovating with Godfall to provide a fresh take on action RPGs by rewarding skill-based offensive gameplay and making every hit matter,” says Keith Lee, Creative Director of Godfall and CEO of Counterplay Games. “Namely, we want to feed into that yearning for the next best piece in your character build, so we plan to provide plenty of loot to players to ensure there’s meaningful impact to gameplay and playstyles.”

Here’s everything else you need to know about the game:

Godfall Release Date

Godfall is set to release for PlayStation 5 and PC in Holiday 2020.

Godfall Trailer

During this year’s PC Gaming Show, Counterplay Games dropped the first minutes of PC gameplay footage for Godfall. Give it a look:

This next trailer shows Godfall running on the PlayStation 5. Check out the gameplay footage below:

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And here’s the announcement trailer:

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