Nintendo Switch Online: Free Games for May 2020 Revealed


We’d argue, though, that the coolest thing about Nintendo Switch Online is the library of games from the NES and SNES eras that it allows you to play on your Switch. In this article, we’ll keep tabs on what NES and SNES games are available through Nintendo Switch Online, starting with the titles releasing for this month.

Nintendo Switch Online Games for May 2020


This underrated gem from the extensive NES library stands as one of that consoles better action platformers. While it doesn’t fully live up to its potential, this is a surprisingly fun game that stands the test of time.

Wild Guns

Wild Guns is arguably the best game of the recent additions to the Switch Online library. It’s a fast-paced wild west arcade shooter that’s perfect for two players. Honestly, you just need to know that it features cowboys shooting robots.

Panel de Pon

Panel de Pon may not sound familiar, but it’s basically the Japanese version of Tetris Attack. As such, it’s a pretty good puzzle game. There’s really not much more to say about this one.

Operation Logic Bomb

This incredibly obscure top-down shooter may not have been in your SNES library as a kid, but it’s a genuinely good action title that’s showcases Nintendo’s ability to dive deeper into their back catalog for these Switch Online titles.

Nintendo Switch Online Games Available Now

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