Spider-Man 2: Should You Upgrade Miles Morales or Peter Parker?


Unlike the previous Insomniac Spider-Man games, Spider-Man 2 allows you to play as both Miles Morales and Peter Parker throughout the open-world adventure. While you will occasionally need to play as one or the other for a specific story mission, each will be utilized throughout the campaign and open-world segments. The opportunity to play as both is very much welcome, though it does raise the question, ”Who is more powerful: Miles Morales or Peter Parker?”

No, I’m not talking about which character is more powerful in the grand scheme of the Marvel multiverse. That’s a very nerdy, very long discussion for another day. Instead, I’m talking about the fact that Spider-Man 2 gives Miles and Peter their own skill trees as well as a “Shared” tree that contains abilities that affect both of them. Given the unique nature of that system (compared to the previous games, that is), you’re inevitably going to wonder which hero you should invest more points in.

Technically, you should spend the vast majority of your early skill points on the Shared tree (especially early on). Aside from the obvious value that section of the tree offers (two upgrades for the price of one), it also contains some of the most valuable individual skills in the game. Those include dynamic traversal abilities Spider-Jump and Spider-Dash as well as incredibly powerful global combat abilities like Wall Thrash. Honestly, you could justify picking up every combat skill in that Shared tree before you grab anything else. 

However, since “We love them both” is a pretty weak answer, I will instead argue that Miles Morales is more powerful than Peter Parker in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and is generally worth spending more points on.

Simply put, Miles Morales has access to the best crowd-control abilities in the game, and the majority of Spider-Man 2’s fights see you face larger groups of enemies. In fact, Miles’ Chain Lightning ability is often enough to make him the best Spider-Man for the majority of combat situations. In its most basic form, Chain Lightning allows you to attack up to three enemies at once. When upgraded, Chain Lightning can impact up to six enemies at once. That upgraded form of Chain Lightning is often enough to end some fights before they really begin. 

Miles’ Venom abilities also often steal the show. That’s especially true once you unlock Bio-Siphon: a powerful skill that allows you to recharge your abilities whenever you strike enemies affected by your Venom. It allows you to effortlessly recharge powerful combat abilities like Venom Jump and Venom Smash that also keep the Bio-Siphon train rolling. Miles would arguably be more powerful than Peter if it wasn’t for Bio-Siphon, but I think that ability puts him over the top. 

Comparatively, one of the big “problems” with Peter is that some of his best abilities aren’t even unlocked until later in the game. I don’t think it is a spoiler to reveal that Peter eventually gets access to some Symbiote abilities, and it probably won’t surprise you to learn that those Symbiote abilities are generally pretty strong. In fact, Peter’s Symbiote Yank: Empowered ability might be the most powerful crowd-control skill in the game outside of Chain Lightning. 

However, you won’t unlock those abilities until around halfway through Spider-Man 2’s story. Until then, you’ll have to make do with a collection of Peter Parker powers that generally can’t compete with what the rotation that Miles offers. Yes, abilities like Spider-Rush are incredibly powerful, but you only get to use them so often, and Peter doesn’t have access to as many cooldown reduction abilities as Miles does. As such, you’ll find yourself relying on his more basic attacks and gadgets slightly more often. You’ll generally want to limit how many points you spend on Peter until you unlock the Symbiote portion of his skill tree. Otherwise, you’ll probably end up spending points on skills that you’ll ultimately ignore for a good part of the game.

For what it’s worth, though, it does feel like you spend a little more time in Spider-Man 2’s story as Peter. So, if you find yourself struggling during some of those story battles, you’ll want to spend a few more points on Peter a little earlier in the game just to get over that hump. Generally speaking, though, you should upgrade the Shared tree first, then Miles’ tree, and, finally, Peter’s skill tree once you unlock the Symbiote side of things. 

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 – Best Shared Skills:

Wall Thrash: While an enemy is against a wall, unleash a powerful flurry of blows.

Web Whip: Attach a web to an enemy’s weapon then disarm and whip the weapon back with force.

Perfect Dodge Recharge: Abilities are partially recharged after performing a Perfect Dodge.

KO Recharge: Abilities are partially recharged when performing KO’s, Finishers, and Stealth Takedowns.

Parry Disarm: Successfully parrying a light enemy’s attack causes them to drop any weapons they are holding.

Web Line Double Takedown: Perch Takedowns from a Web Line can now pick up two enemies at once.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2: Best Peter Parker Skills

Spider Rush -Tornado: Spider Rush pulls enemies in towards Spider-Man from farther out.

Spider Rush – Express Webbing: Spider Rush webs up the first three targets it hits.

Symbiote Yank – Empowered: Ignore the limit on the number of enemies pulled in by Symbiote Yank.

Surge – Ready To Glow: Abilities are fully recharged when a full Surge bar is used.

Surge – Power Strike: Abilities recharge in half the time while in Surge mode.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2: Best Miles Morales Skills

Venom Dash – Double Dash: Immediately after performing a Venom Dash, follow up with a second free Venom Dash.

Venom Jump: Lift nearby enemies into the air and apply Venom Stun to them.

Chain Lightning – Power Overwhelming: Increase the amount of chain lightning bolts from 3 to 6.

Bio-Siphon: Hit Venom stunned enemies to slightly recharge abilities.

Thunder Burst – Static Boom: Thunder Burst gains a second charge.

Venom Clouds: Venom abilities give off a Venom Cloud, which can heal you, recharge your abilities, and even stun enemies. Evolved Venom Clouds detonate and knock enemies down

Mega Venom Blast – Overcharge: Abilities are partially recharged for each enemy hit with mega Venom Blast.

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