Star Citizen Update Delays Raise New Development Concerns


The bigger issue here, though, is that this is another in a long series of delays which have, thus far, come to define much of Star Citizen‘s prolonged development cycle. Many fans are calling out the Star Citizen team for their habit of promising features and then delaying them rather than just releasing them when they’re ready or providing road maps that largely focus on updates the team feels confident they can deliver on time.

Some of those fans have pointed out that it’s certainly possible that the spread of the coronavirus has contributed to these delays, but it’s also been accurately stated that Star Citizen delays have occurred long before our current situation.

Recounting the entire Star Citizen saga until this point would be a daunting process, but the long and short of it is that Star Citizen began its life as an incredibly successful crowdfunding campaign that promised an epic sci-fi adventure. Since then, Star Citizen has been defined by delays, lawsuits, further funding requests, and accusations of gross mismanagement of resources.

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