Xbox Announces Digital Showcase Event to Replace E3 2020 Presentation


Now, that dynamic shifts ever so slightly. There’s little doubt that this digital event will still heavily feature the Xbox Series X and whatever else may be in the pipeline for Microsoft as it heads into the next generation. Specifically, you can expect to hear more about the Xbox Series X price, features, and launch games. Given Microsoft’s recently confirmed policies, which suggest that the company is not going to abandon the current generation anytime soon, we also anticipate hearing quite a few Xbox One announcements during that digital showcase.

The information may end up being the same, but this change in format means that Microsoft has some catching up to do. Nintendo has their digital presentations down to an art form at this point, and Sony is slowly getting there by largely replicating the Nintendo Direct formula.

Microsoft, on the other hand, has tried to produce longer “live-action” presentations with mixed results. While having hosts and interviews may make Microsoft’s eventual E3 replacement feel a little more like a live show, the company now in a position where its biggest event of the year relies on a format that it still has to refine. It will also now have to compete with other companies that are likely going to take the same digital route in June.

We’ll bring your more details on Microsoft’s digital presentation as we get them.

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