Agents of SHIELD Season 7 Trailer Hints at Hydra Connection


In the latest trailer for Agents of SHIELD season 7, we definitely get a fuller sense of how the Chronicoms will be able to infiltrate the human population of Earth’s past, but the bigger bombshell in the most recent promo actually comes from a brief conversation between Daisy and the recently activated Coulson LMD. Dressed in spectacular period wear from the 1930s, Daisy asks, “So you’re saying to save SHIELD…” and Coulson finishes the thought, “We have to save Hydra!” It’s a classic snake-eating-its-own-tail scenario that seems to suggest that the team that has perhaps suffered the most at Hydra’s hands will have to be instrumental in making sure that painful bit of history is preserved.

It makes sense given what we know about the Chronicom mission that was revealed in the season 6 finale. Although it’s still unclear why the sentient robots want Earth to be their new home, we do know that they consider SHIELD the biggest threat to their plans to create Chronica-3, and what better way to uproot an enemy than to undo its very existence? The Agents of SHIELD season 7 trailer shows the Chronicoms stealing the identities of the New York police force, presumably to place themselves in positions of power to influence their environment without drawing scrutiny from those who might try to prevent their invasion.

There are several images that flash by in the Agents of SHIELD season 7 trailer that hint at the action to come, including several instances of Inhuman power displays from Quake and Yoyo, which are enough to excite any fan. We also see glimpses of the upgraded technology aboard the Zephyr One, which has now become the team’s time machine in addition to their now anachronistic means of transport. And, of course, what’s not to like about seeing Philip J. Coulson, real or not, wielding a tommy gun and sporting a fedora like something straight out of an old-time gangster film?

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