Amazon Prime Video UK: What’s New in March 2020?


Amazon Prime Video UK used to release a bountiful preview list full of films and TV shows it was planning to add to the service every month, but for some reason it decided to stop doing that, and instead hand out a list of highlights.

Now, as much as we were disappointed by that choice and would rather bring you a comprehensive guide to everything making its way to the streaming platform this month (and every month) we also respect its decision to do so. Also, if you’re anything like us, you get an enormous amount of pleasure from scouring through the scattered madness that is the Amazon Prime Video interface for all manner of gems you swore weren’t there just a few minutes beforehand.

For even as other streaming services toil away on a bottomless pit of original programming and films, Prime is often more likely to offer up fifty new VHS rips from the archives, or twenty low budget horror movies you’ve never even heard of – and if you haven’t yet stumbled across its collection of old public service films, holy mackerel are you in for a treat.

So, while we may not know exactly what’s coming this month and when, these are the highlights that Amazon is happy with us sharing for now…

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