Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 7 Episode 13 Review: Lights Out


This BROOKLYN NINE-NINE review contains spoilers.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 7 Episode 13

Brooklyn Nine-Nine has a tendency to fall into routines. Granted, a lot of the returning plots and episode structures work spectacularly well. Sitcoms are supposed to be comfortable; if you wanted to watch something strenuous, that’s what prestige dramas are for. Even though Brooklyn Nine-Nine often returns to what works, they still have the capability to surprise. It’s a wonder that the series has never done a NYC blackout episode up until this point, but it obviously yields great results and helps complicate the conclusion of Amy’s pregnancy.

It’s nice to see the series finale conclude a season-long arc. If Brooklyn Nine-Nine continues past the confirmed Season 8, I’d love for them to tell more stories that spill out slowly across the season. I’m sure they’d also love something that’s as much of a slam dunk as a pregnancy storyline. It’s a perfectly sweet and sentimental payoff, like Jake and Amy’s wedding (and opposed to Holt being demoted or Jake going to prison). Of course, the show wouldn’t be a comedy if there weren’t a few hijinks before we got to the warm and fuzzy ending, and a blackout really brings the chaos.

As the lights go out, Holt and Terry are caught in the elevator, leaving Amy in charge. Obviously, Amy is exactly who you want in a crisis. She wastes no time making quick, practical decisions. Among Amy’s orders is sending Jake and Charles to investigate the blown transformer and calling the fire department to rescue Terry and Holt. After some good insults are thrown the fire department’s way, Amy’s water breaks. However, she’s too locked in on keeping the city in order to head to the hospital. Rosa is disgusted by all things pregnancy, but she stays by Amy’s side and tries to assist as best as possible.

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