Complete Marvel Movie Disney Plus UK Streaming Guide


However you feel about the Marvel movie juggernaut, the sheer magnitude of what it has achieved so far is impressive. An interconnected universe of 23 movies (and counting), populated with both extremely recognisable Marvel comics characters, and some that would have quite frankly only inspired a Djimon Hounsou-intoned “who??” before they were retooled for the big screen. In the 00s, you’d need to have cast a wide net to find a lot of people heavily into Guardians of the Galaxy, but now even your mum can probably name them all and tell you why Rocket is her favourite.

The UK has waited for what seems like an interminable amount of time for Disney+ to make its way to us, but March 2020 will finally deliver. The question is: just how much will it deliver? Certainly, not all of the MCU catalogue will be on Disney+ UK. The Spider-Man movies – Homecoming and Far From Home – are created in partnership with Sony, so they aren’t in the collection. Universal holds the rights to the Edward Norton-flavoured The Incredible Hulk, too, so you won’t find that.

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But currently, the most glaring omission from the UK lineup is 2018’s Avengers: Infinity War. The US version of Disney+ doesn’t have it yet, either. We’ve been told it’s on the way, but probably not before June, so if you’re planning an MCU rewatch, keep that physical copy of Infinity War handy!

Here’s a complete list of MCU films on Disney+ so far, with quotes that kiiiinda sum up their plots…

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