Deep Space Nine: Top Ten Episodes

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It was the Wild West in space, a visionary serialised sci-fi series before the advent of binge-watching that changed the way we saw a franchise. We pay tribute to Deep Space Nine, the Star Trek universe’s riskiest, most daring series by running down our top ten episodes…

Emissary (Season One, episodes one-two)

The feature-length opener to Deep Space Nine has a lot to set up, but it’s the story of Benjamin Sisko; a man with a deep sense of duty and grief, that drives this excellent pilot.

Duet (Season One, episode 19)

This early highlight showed much potential DS9 had, as Kira interrogates a potential war criminal. It’s brilliant and shows how deep the scars of the Cardassian-Bajoran conflict go.

Crossover (Season Two, episode 23)

When a wormhole incident sends Bashir and Kira spinning into it, we get to see how the DS9 crew differs from their alternates. Nana Visitor in particular has a lot of fun as Intendant Kira.

Past Tense (Season Three, episodes 11-12)

Sisko, Bashir and Dax try to beam down and end up in San Francisco, 2024, where the city rounds up undesirables and puts them into ghettoised camps.

The Way Of The Warrior (Season Four, episode one)

Welcome, Worf! Everyone’s favourite Klingon security chief is sent to assist Sisko as the Klingons announce their plans to attack Cardassia.

The Visitor (Season Four, episode two)

Not a dry eye in the house. An elderly Jake Sisko tells the story of how his father became unstuck in time, appearing to his son after decades apart only to be wrenched away again moments later.

Deep Space Nine

Little Green Men (Season Four, episode 18)

We had to have one Ferengi episode. They may be divisive, but watching Quark, Rom and Nog accidentally pitching up at Roswell in 1947 and being discovered by the stunned military forces is a joy.

Deep Space Nine

Trials And Tribble-ations (Season Five, episode six)

Speaking of joys, this time travel episode features some impressive camera trickery and lets us watch the DS9 crew try to stop James T Kirk from being assassinated.

Far Beyond The Stars (Season Six, episode 13)

One of the series’ most powerful episodes found Sisko as a writer living in Fifties and confronting the horrors of systemic racism. The story tackles the issue head-on with raw power.

Deep Space Nine

In The Pale Moonlight (Season Six, episode 19)

This could be the show’s finest hour, where Sisko narrates his journey to moral compromise direct to camera. What is a good man willing to do for the greater good?

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