Life on Mars Revival Plans: ‘Think Avengers Assemble’ Says Creator


During a Twitter watch-along of Life on Mars’ first episode by Graham and Pharoah held last night at 7pm (part of the nation’s unofficially titled ‘Dear God, Some Distraction Please’ lockdown events programme) a little more was unveiled about what the writers had planned for the series’ return.

Calling it The Final Chapter, Graham confirmed that the revived series would be set in Manchester and London and that the plan, if commissioned, would be “4 or 5 episodes and then done.” Time-wise, the setting will be “partially in the 70s, partially in the 80s and mostly in an alternate NOW”.

In terms of returning characters, Graham promised that they were trying to get back as many characters from across both decades as possible, adding “When you wonder who will be coming back for The Final Chapter – think Avengers Assemble!”

In addition to Tyler and Philip Glenister’s Gene Hunt, Graham announced that DCI Litton, played by Lee Ross across both Life on Mars and Ashes to Ashes, would be “back to get under Gene’s feet”. He also urged fans to remember Daniel Mays’ character Jim Keats singing ‘We’ll Meet Again’ as he walked away from Gene, teasing a return for the demonic Keats.

Juicier than that is the news that more meta shenanigans are on the way and The Final Chapter would feature a TV show-within-a-show, titled “Tyler: Murder Division.”

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