The Fates Steal the Waverider in this Exclusive Legends of Tomorrow Clip


Last week’s episode of Legends of Tomorrow, “Freaks and Greeks,” was a fun frat party full of zatoichi beer pong and mean girls, but it ended with a bit of a bombshell: Astra drinks from the cup of Dionysus, granting her immortality for a day so she could use the Loom of Fate, and Lachesis, Charlie’s fate sister and the one pulling Astra’s strings in Hell, caught up to Astra and called in the favor she’s owed. That’s all going to come to a head in “I Am Legends.”

Here’s the official synopsis:

“After drinking from Chalice, the Legends have immortality for 24 hours, which gives them time get to the Waverider and use the Loom of Fate.  However, they quickly discover that the sisters have stolen the Waverider and they are stuck at Constantine’s (Matt Ryan) house in the middle of nowhere in London during a Zombie Apocalypse.  Meanwhile, Gary (guest star Adam Tsekham) is left on the ship and once he discovers what is going on, he takes something important to the sisters.”

In this exclusive preview of this week’s episode, Astra sets some terms for working with her new Fate sisters.

Honestly, Astra’s demands in exchange for her cooperation operating the Loom are pretty reasonable.

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