The Letter For the King Ending Explained


After the dust has settled on the final battle, Iona and Red Rider Jaro are both still alive and still riding together. While Jaro tries to act like he doesn’t care about this young protege, he obviously does. When Iona rides off in a different direction, it’s not long before he follows. It seems that they both agree they make a good team.

What Happens in The Letter For the King’s Big Battle?

Those going into The Letter For the King expecting an epic final battle on the scale of Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings will be sorely disappointed. Not only do those examples have a much higher budget than Letter For the King, but, as adult stories, they have very different ambitions.

A fight breaks out and, in the chaos, Piak manages to snatch the letter from Jaro. He gives it to Jussipo, who throws it to Tiuri, who races into the great hall where King Favian and Prince Iridium are holding the world’s most awkward welcome home dinner for Prince Viridian, who is biding his time until the blood moon fully rises and he can fulfill the dark prophecy.

Tiuri successfully delivers the letter to Favian, who learns of Viridian’s planned betrayal. Prince Iridium and Prince Viridian fight, and the older brother runs the younger brother through with his sword. The villain is seemingly slain, but stolen magic runs through his veins. Black blood rises from his body and he ascends into a dark, quasi-corporeal, otherworldly creature. Tiuri stands alone to face him, as Favian’s guests look on, which is when Lavinia enters.

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