White Lines Season 2: Where Next for Netflix’s Ibiza Drama?


In between, Marcus’ house had been repossessed, he’d had his leg broken by Romanian cocaine traffickers and ended up in hundreds of thousands of euros’ debt to their widows. The Romanian widows had come to Ibiza looking for their missing husbands and decided to stay, demanding Marcus pay them what he owes on threat of death.

To save his own skin, Marcus used his new friendship with Calafat patriarch Andreu to try to convince him to move into the world of international drug trafficking, cutting the Romanians out of the process. If Andreu agrees, season two could see Marcus get into even deeper water with even more dangerous trafficking types, as the Calafat family’s new drug import connection.

Family life was on Kika’s mind, and Marcus – already a father of two – jokingly offered to get her pregnant. Next up for Marcus might be joining the Calafat family on a more permanent basis?

Is prison on the cards for Anna?

Angela Griffin in White Lines

No. The statute of limitations on Axel’s murder took place over 20 years ago, so she can no longer be prosecuted for it by Spanish law. That means the only punishment for Anna’s crime is only self-imposed guilt.

Well, that and Marcus’ rejection. On the day of her wedding to George, Anna realised that she still loved Marcus and tried to get back together with him. Marcus though, having learned that Anna had sex with Axel on their wedding night, realised that he was finally free of her and all the lies she’d made him tell about Axel’s disappearance.

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