A Clash Of Kings: New illustrated release from The Folio Society


The Folio Society will be releasing the second title in the best-selling A Song Of Ice And Fire saga with A Clash Of Kings.

This wonderful title will be a proud addition to anyone’s book collection, with eye-catching illustrations in each book, all housed in a bold, beautiful slipcase that will look stunning on anyone’s bookshelf. We have included a few images here of just what you can expect.

The story explodes off the page, starting just where A Game Of Thrones left off: the King is dead and Westeros has been thrown into the chaos of a civil war. Robb Stark has been declared ‘King in the North’, but he knows he will have to fight for his life to keep that title safe. To the east, Daenerys Targaryen turns her eye towards the Iron Throne. With fire and blood, she will take back what was stolen from her…

Award-winning artist Jonathan Burton returns with 16 stunning colour illustrations including four double-page spreads, fully immersing the reader in the grandeur and drama of the Seven Kingdoms. Each chapter heading is decorated with an individually designed character emblem. The bindings, blocked in blue and a fierce orange, illustrate the devastating conflicts between the Starks, the Greyjoys and the two Baratheon brothers. The slipcase also holds a surprise – the fiery and terrifying portrait of Melisandre, the red priestess of R’hllor.

The endpapers are emblazoned with the sigils of each of the Houses, while the genealogies have been updated to reflect the births, deaths and new alliances since the events of A Game Of Thrones. The Kings also have dedicated entries, with genealogies and descriptions of their banners. Every detail in this spectacular collector’s edition promises an experience that both new and returning readers will delight in.

Described by George R. R. Martin as “masterpieces of the bookmaker’s art”, these are the ultimate editions of this generation’s most celebrated fantasy series.

The Folio Society edition of A Clash Of Kings by George R. R. Martin and illustrated by Jonathan Burton, is available exclusively from www.FolioSociety.com.

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