Out Of Darkness: Trailer and artwork for Stone Age horror

From Oliver Kassman, the producer of Saint Maud, comes a brand new, unique horror movie from 45,000 years ago. We exclusively reveal the UK artwork and the trailer for Out Of Darkness

Set in the Stone Age, a tight knit tribe of early humans are on a journey to find new land and secure a better future for themselves. As they navigate unknown and treacherous terrain, they realise that something lurks in the darkness. As the group fall victim one-by-one, one young woman stands between the survival of the tribe and their gruesome demise.

From Scottish director Andrew Cumming in his feature debut and written by Ruth Greenberg (Run), the movie stars Safia Oakley-Green (Extraordinary), Kit Young (Shadow and Bone), and Chuku Modu (Captain Marvel, The Good Doctor).

Out Of Darkness stars Safia Oakley-Green, Kit Young and Chuku Modu
Out Of Darkness stars Safia Oakley-Green, Kit Young and Chuku Modu

The initial idea for the movie came about when director Andewa Cumming met with producer Oliver Kassman, who mentioned that he wanted to make a Palaeolithic horror movie…

“I said, you’ve basically described the film I want to make in 20 years’ time if I ever get to crazy levels of autonomy in my career,” explains Cumming.

The two co-wrote a treatment that laid out the basic concept (the shape of the story and the struggles between six characters) but it was writer Ruth Greenberg who brought it to life: “I thought the concept was great, and I just felt like there was a lot that I could bring into it,” she says. “I was reading a lot of stuff about horrors and the concept of the final girl. And I just thought, God, it’s an amazing space to explore female characters, monsters within, but also the way in which violence, if you bring it to a female perspective, can become something very disturbed. And so I thought the opportunity to do this horror was great.”

Signature Entertainment presents Out of Darkness only in cinemas 9th February

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