Top 10 upcoming PlayStation 5 genre games

It’s safe to say that we all need a bit of good news at the moment (sadly this won’t be the case for a lot of parents’ bank accounts this Christmas).

Following on from the PlayStation 5’s impressive launch event where we got a proper look at the console in all its wonder, we’ve handpicked our ten favourites (in no particular order) from an impressive line-up of game trailers from the next-gen consoles showcase event:


Anyone who’s read or watched Live Die Repeat (The Edge of Tomorrow) will be very familiar with the concept of Housemarque’s Returnal. In the game, you’ll play as an unnamed woman, left stranded on a strange planet that slowly consumes her as she desperately endeavours to break the cycle.

Horizon Forbidden West

Following on from the critically acclaimed Horizon Zero Dawn, we jump back into heroine Aloy’s story in a post-apocalyptic world taken over by robotic creatures. Guerrilla Games innovative PS4 exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn was a trailblazing journey, combining cutting edge gameplay, superb graphics and an enthralling storyline.

It’s going to be a joy exploring this world again with all of PS5’s dazzling capabilities.

Hitman 3

Concluding the long-running assassination trilogy, Agent 47 has a final contract to fulfil in Hitman 3. Details are scarce at this point, but this upcoming action game from IO Interactive is surely going to be a major blast (or a satisfyingly silent stealth kill, keep your options open!).


From HK_Project comes one of the more unique titles from the event launch. The teaser begins with a mysterious city occupied by an array of weird robots. Our leading feline, that will take us through this unique puzzle-solving, action-based adventure, then steps into the frame…

Whilst this may divide cat lovers and dog enthusiasts, we’re looking forward to seeing how we can either stealthily sneak around this futuristic playground or press the meow button endlessly and drive everyone insane.

Resident Evil Village (RE8)

“His story comes to a close”

If there is one thing Capcom has done a superb job of in recent years, it’s catching its audiences off guard. Hot off the heels of the masterful remakes of RE2 and RE3, this latest instalment turns its attention back to RE7; a game that turned the tide for the franchise and brought us back to its true survival horror roots. Here we’ll be thrown into a cult inspired setting, showing some likeness to fondly-regarded RE4.

Goodbye Volcano High

An anime-inspired coming of age teen drama, Goodbye Volcano High is set to be a charming narrative-driven adventure that certainly offers a change of pace in the PS5’s star-studded line up.

Ghostwave Tokyo

Tango Gameworks is bringing the Japanese capital to life in ways never possible before, in this mysterious first-person action adventurer. The plot finds its protagonist in a post-rapture set Tokyo, armed with upgradable unique supernatural abilities to take on the evil spirits that have claimed your home (referred to as The Visitors).

Kena: Bridge Of The Spirits

Beautifully animated and designed, Indie studio Ember labs brings its singular vision to life with Kena: Bridge Of Spirits. Based in a delightful world, gamers can find and grow a team of small companions called the Rot, boosting their abilities and finding new ways to manipulate their environment.

PlayStation’s next-gen console looks to offer this title all the help it needs in delivering a character-led project, particularly with its unique gameplay mechanics.


Capcom isn’t just placing all its focus on the Resident Evil series, with a sneak peek into the mysterious sci-fi focused Pragmata. We see its main character exploring the unpopulated streets of a New York-esque location, looking at holographic imagery of beings that used to occupy the streets, until he stumbles upon a young girl that’s very much in the same reality. A space station then comes crashing through the sky and you’re sent hurtling off towards it with the girl in tow.

Giving off some Death Stranding vibes, this game is about as weird as it sounds, but we can’t wait to see where it all leads.

Spiderman: Miles Morales

“Now it’s your turn, go be a hero Miles”.

One of the best games to come from the PS4 (and arguably one of the best comic book adapted videogames of all time) was Insomniac’s web-slinging open world action adventurer Spiderman. It was only fitting that to accompany the new console’s launch was this highly anticipated follow up.

With Spiderman – Into the Spiderverse being a ground-breaking, wonderfully animated blockbuster there was an air of inevitability that developers would want to capitalize on Morales’s undoubted popularity. Even from this short trailer we get a feel of how much of a remarkable experience this one is going to be.

Interested in all 27 titles that come from the event? You can check out a video from the full reveal event presentation below:

Sony has officially confirmed that the PS5 will release globally “in time for Holiday 2020”.

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