Top SFF Books February 2023

Congratulations! You made it through January! What better way to reward yourself than by loading up your bookshelves and cracking on with your to-be-read pile?

To help you out, we thought we’d pull together a list of some of our favourite science fiction, fantasy and horror books that are coming out this February…


Annalee Newitz

2 February – Orbit

When Destry, a member of the Environmental Rescue Team discovers a hidden city within the depths of a volcano on the planet of Sask-E, she is forced to confront the morality of her decision to dedicate her life to Terraforming.

Author Annalee Newitz has crafted an epic and heartfelt futurist novel. Far from the realms of the familiar dystopian space opera, Terraformers is an uplifting and challenging reimagining of what our future could be and weighs the consequences of ambition against hope.


9 February – Bantam Press

C.K. McDonnell returns to give us the third installment in the Stranger Times series, which follows a newspaper that deals with uncovering and deciphering the paranormal news of the day.

This time around, love is in the air, and it seems that everyone at the Stranger Times office is following their hearts. The trouble is that for some, romance is dead… or at least their partner is. Another hilarious and madcap installment in a delightful series that is sure to tickle fans of Ben Aaronovitch and Terry Pratchett.

Veronica Roth

21 February – Titan Books

From the author of the Divergent series and Chosen Ones, Veronic Roth is back with the first of three original retellings.

Arch-Conspiator, is an updated sci-fi twist on the greek tragedy of Antigone. When Antigone’s parents die, her militant uncle Kreon looks to ascend the throne and keep Antigone under close observation. But Antigone is seeking justice and her uncle’s gilded cage won’t protect him from her heartfelt revenge…

Sharon Emmerichs

2 February – Ad Astra

Shield Maiden is a story of unshakeable self-belief on a woman’s journey to reclaim her power. When a childhood accident leaves young Fryda, niece of Beowulf, disabled, her dreams of becoming a shield maiden are shattered. Yet when she hears of a threat to the clan’s safety, she finds a new power rising in her, emboldening her to fight for the people she loves. But, the untamed power she now wields has awakened a new danger from a long-dormant dragon…

Author Sharon Emmerich delivers a story of empassioned perseverance that whips along with mythological magic.

Paul E. Hardisty

16 February – Orenda Books

Written by one of the world’s leading environmental scientists, Paul E Hardisty, the dystopian future landscape of The Forcing comes with a heightened realism that grips and shakes you.

When civilisation starts to collapse, a youthful government desperate to salvage a dying world decides to implement a forced relocation program, rationing the pitiful remaining resources and banishing an older generation to life in a barren desert. Provocative and insightful, visceral and terrifying, Logan’s Run this isn’t.

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